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3 Times Table

3 Times Table is the multiplication table of the number 3 provided here for students, parents and teachers. These times tables are helpful in solving math questions quickly and easily.

How to read the 3 times table?
One times three is 3, two times three is 6, three times three is 9, ect.

How to memorise the 3 times tables orally?
Write the 3 times tables on a sheet of paper and read them aload repeatedly.

What is an example math question using the 3 times tables?
Maths Question: A boy eats 2 bananas every day. How many bananas will the boy eat in 1 week (7 days)?
Solution: The customer eats 2 bananas per day. Therefore, using the 3 times table, the total number of bananas eaten by the boy in 1 week is 3 × 2 = 14 bananas.

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