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20 Times Table

multiplication table

20 times table chart

20 Times Table

20 Times Table is the multiplication table of the number 20 provided here for students, parents and teachers. These times tables are helpful in solving math questions quickly and easily.

How to read the 20 times table?
One times twenty is 20, two times twenty is 40, three times twenty is 60, ect.

How to memorise the 20 times table chart orally?
Write the 20 times tables on a sheet of paper and read them aload repeatedly.

What is an example math question using the 20 times table?
Maths Question: Sarah wants to buy 20 boxes of pencils, and each box contains 20 pencils. How many pencils will Sarah have in total?
Solution: Using the 20 times table chart, the total number of pencils sarah will have is 20 × 20 = 400 pencils

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20 Times Table


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Multiplication Table




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